Welcome to Moore than Yoga


Yoga is a gift to your self, benefiting the body, magnifying the mind and sensing the spirit.

This ancient practice of yoga postures, breathing techniques; deep relaxation and meditation
allows you to journey inward to explore your self.  This in-depth self-exploration is a discovery
which unfolds from one posture to the next awakening inner senses, massaging inner organs,
accentuating inner awareness and more.

Yoga is an expansion for personal growth and self-awareness.  The choice of creating and
recreating, forming and reforming, defining and redefining your self stimulating more self-growth.

The practice of yoga is quality time spent with your self to bend the body, massage the mind
and soothe the spirit.

Moore than Yoga offers the spirit of fun through a variety of innovative classes and workshops. 
Delve deeply within, discovering more about your self and with your self, exploring
Moore than Yoga's classes and workshops.

Moore than Yoga encourages, engages and empowers you to breathe, bend and bond, map,
manipulate and massage, sense, stretch and shape, flex, firm and form, imagine, investigate
and integrate your self and more through yoga, massage, meditation, reflexology, reiki
and so much more ... for there is always more with Moore than Yoga.

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